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20 years of expertise Percall,
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PERCALL is a French System Integrator expert in the integration of Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, and IoT systems in major high-tech industries (car, energy, aerospace & defense…) to support the digital transformation of the Industry. PERCALL works with small to large companies (Airbus, Renault, Thales, General Electric and Group Seb…).
Created in 2000, PERCALL runs 6 agencies in France and 3 offices in Europe. It totals a headcount of 320 employees and an increasing turnover reaching 30M€ in 2019.
PERCALL also trains and coaches consultants and clients in their Certified, Datadock referenced PERCALL Training Center located in Vichy. The company is making a technological leap forward with its new solution SOLINGS, “SOLution of thINGS”.
This innovation turns able to completely solve the constraints caused by the obsolescence companies Legacy systems.
This will pave the way for a dramatic acceleration of the company’s activities as a new standard worldwide.



This is a well-known fact in the Aerospace, Defense or Automotive Industries: their Information Systems will turn obsolete by 2025. There is a real risk to lose and/or degrade the technical data of products (such as car, plane, satellite, …) that have been stored in these old systems for more than 50 years. The access to this data would be restricted to high-level IT experts in that case.

Editors find no satisfying solution to deal with the obsolescence of legacy systems today whilst the deadline is near.

In this context, PERCALL has developed SOLINGS, a web-based solution that can replace legacy systems without harming stored data and with uninterrupted access. SOLINGS combines multi-connectivity to existing data sources with aggregation technologies and a modern and intuitive user interface in order to facilitate the adoption and ensuring the smooth transfer of skills, from one generation of employees to another.

SOLINGS can be deployed step by step into your Information Systems – one functionality after another, including new features such as Augmented Reality- ensuring continuity of services.

The project will create a new standard for legacy retirement and replacement. This is a premiere.



is a software to tackle obsolescence of old
solutions not maintained anymore



40 experts are working
on R&D to develop this software



October 2019


One main customers for now
working in Aerospace & Defense