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We have over 22 years of expertise on a wide range of technologies

About Percall Group

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PERCALL GROUP is a French systems integrator with expertise in the integration of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Our customers range from small to large enterprises in a number of different industries: automotive (Renault), aerospace (Airbus, Nexter, and Thalès), energy generation (General Electric), consumer electronics (Group SEB).

PERCALL GROUP currently has offices in 7 countries: France (Lyon, Toulouse, Paris, Vichy, Bordeaux, Vitrolles, Nantes, and Strasbourg), Morocco, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Poland, allowing us to address multinational projects by bringing the necessary resources in proximity to our customers. We have more than 500 employees delivering consulting, systems integration, technical support, and technical training. In 2021, our revenues reached 35 M€ demonstrating consistent growth since the creation of PERCALL in the year 2000.

PERCALL GROUP has a Qualiopi-certified training center for training and coaching internal consultants as well as customers. We are taking a technological leap forward with the introduction of our new SOLINGS solution, a “SOLution of thINGS

SOLINGS allows companies to solve the problems of PLM obsolescence holistically without requiring data migration. This innovative approach can serve as a tipping point for digital transformation across the enterprise.

About Solings


It is commonly known in the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive industries that many of the IT systems they put in place in the 90s and early 00s will be obsolete as early as 2025. The risk of critical product data loss is extremely high for strategic multi-year programs such as cars, airplanes, submarines, and satellites that need to continue to be supported for another 50 years or more. Due to the complex nature of the legacy systems, the access would remain restricted to an aging workforce of high-level IT experts.

The software editors are primarly focused on risky, expensive data migration towards newer technologies rather than maintaining legacy systems. Unfortunately for the customers, the time before complete IT obsolesence is running out.

Because of this impending deadline, PERCALL GROUP developed SOLINGS, a web-based solution which replaces the full functionality of legacy PLM systems without moving the legacy data and while maintaining uninterrupted access to the data. SOLINGS delivers a wide range of connectivity to existing data sources (databases and file systems) enabling data aggregation from multiple sources via a modern user interface. This facilitates the adoption of SOLINGS and smooth skills transfer from one generation of engineers to a new generation of engineers and non-engineers as well.

SOLINGS can be deployed while  being integrated to your current Agile processes in a step-by-step manner. We can also add new functionality such as augmented reality to ensure continuity of service. The overall project will create a new baseline for retiring and replacing legacy systems, an industry first!

SOLINGS is a solution for managing the obsolescence of PLM systems no longer supported by the original software vendor.

International dedicated team in R&D that developed the SOLINGS solution

We started in October 2019 and went live for the first time in July 2022

Our primary customer is in the Aerospace & Defense industry.