Robust support for your projects

Reducing risk in your legacy retirement project

The scoping phase helps identify and reduce the risks involved in the retirement of your legacy systems via SOLINGS

The objectives start with a feasibility study and a complete functional breakdown of the legacy environment to be replaced and includes the list of specific adapters that will be required to access each of the identified data sources and associated applications and script files including legacy customizations.

Companies can also take advantage of the scoping phase to optimize the consolidation and convergence of the associated business processes.

The scoping phase has a methodology based on workshops between our experts focused on Business Processes, Legacy Systems, and SOLINGS Architecture in order to  create a complete as-is analysis of the following areas:

  • Project Scope in term of Processes, Users and Data
  • Connectivity to the different data sources
  • Opportunities to optimize existing data processes
  • Current User Experiences
  • Overall Project Roadmap and Scheduling

The primary deliverables include:

  • Business Process, Functional, and Application Mapping
  • Legacy Retirement Project Organization, Budgeting, and Planning

Deploying Solings to leverage your legacy data

Once the scoping phase is complete, the Implementation Phase can start. Our integration service allows project executing while respecting the specifications and constraints identified during the Scoping Phase.

The deployment adapts the SOLINGS out-of-the-box functionality to your legacy environment in terms of connectivity to legacy data sources and the desired user experience according to your company’s graphical charter if desired as well as implementing business processes and features previously done via legacy customizations or old shell scripts and other command-line programs.

Easing the ramp-up for adoption of the solution by your users

To ensure that users are able to quickly adopt SOLINGS, PERCALL GROUP has develpped an e-learning module for our customers. For a dedicated training plan, PERCALL GROUP Digital Learning Experts can define specific courses with you based on your data and use cases and deploy a full Digital Learning Platform for the training of all of your users on the new platform.

Make the most of your Solings solution

PERCALL GROUP‘s SOLINGS technical support provides global support for maintaining and augmenting their SOLINGS applications over time.

The Technical Support consists of a team deployed on five pre-defined levels for maintaining your SOLINGS production instance.


We will analyze the technical and functional incidents as they occur during the use of SOLINGS. We will then work to determine the causes and provide solutions or workarounds as appropriate.


Correct issues, integrate SOLINGS maintenance releases, and add new application functionality to maintain a high-level of quality and ensure business continuity.


We will anticipate bottlenecks, work to prevent unplanned interruptions of service, and work to improve overall application performance via data collection while strictly respecting GPDR rules.


Perform regular deployments and maintenance activities of your SOLINGS environments including training and QA environments and provide operational support as required.